Comfort Ultra Pure

Aren’t the babies cute? Don’t you want to wrap them up in Pure love. That’s the Comfort Ultra Pure’s slogan or something along that line.

Comfort Ultra Pure is a fabric conditioner for washing baby clothes. This will not only make them smell beautifully fresh, it will cut down on static, too!

In short, Comfort Ultra Pure would make your clothes smell better. (You washed it and of course it smells better!) What cool is that, after washing the clothes for a long time, the clothes texture remains comfortable and looks new.

How true is that ? Why not give it a try? Just go to Comfort Zone Singapore’s facebook and request for a sample for your baby(ies) or even yourself. Alternatively, you can click here. The FIRST 1000 fans to submit their request will receive a 400ml bottle of Comfort Ultra Pure! All requests after the first 1000 will be entitled to a 44ml sample pack. So, what are you waiting for?

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Rachel K Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask

Have you heard about Rachel K products? If you had, you would probably know about its hit product, Mineral Color Control (CC) Cream.

What CC Cream then? Something similar to BB cream, but a little more powerful? YES! BB cream provide light coverage for acne, blemished, scars and what’s not. It also encourages skin regeneration and maintain youthful skin. On top of what BB cream provides, CC cream have more nourishing ingredients that helps to improve your skin complexion. CC Cream also provide a more effective skin coverage. If you are interested to know more about CC cream or the other products like CC pressed powder and lip plumper, visit here.

However, if you read the title clearly, it stated Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask.

What’s special about this mask, other than the benefits shown above : The mask is transparent & it came in two pieces! Unique right?

Another fact about Rachel K is that it is a beauty queen’s brand that is supported by pageant beauty queens from around the world.

Rachel Kum, a Miss Singapore Universe, who experiences with skin and makeup and works with women whose careers depended on good complexion.  Doesn’t this make you interested to experience what Rachel K Mineral makeup has to offer? Like Rachel K cosmetics’s facebook page and fill up your particulars here to redeem a Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask for yourself today.

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Lactacyd White Intimate

Had you watch this television advertisement?

If you had, you might know that there is an ongoing sampling campaign.

The Lactacyd White Intimate is made from natural lightening ingredients which helped to lighten the bikini line gently and safely within 4 weeks! One of the ingredient was Algowhite (picture below), which exfoliates by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness as well as protects it from inhibiting free radicals.


Another reason to go claim the sample is that 9 out of 10 Asian women claim visible lightening in just 4 weeks after using the NEW Lactacyd White Intimate ! That’s a lot of people. Why not try it now? Simply go to their facebook site, like their facebook page and fill in your particulars.

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Vaseline Perfect 10

Are you looking for body lotion? Then you can visit Vaseline website!

There’s this video/ skin score test. IT IS SUPER COOOL! Go try it now!

As the name stated, Perfect 10, of course there’s 10 benefits for using that lotion & it is as follows. (If you tried the quiz, you would know what they are.)


Visible skin lightening
Even-tone restoration
UVA & UVB protection
Dark mark reduction
Radiance boost
Skin feels firm & tight
Visibly reduces fine lines
Skin renewal
Intense moisturization
Deep nourishment within epidermis layer


If you had visit the website, you would see this “Get your free Vaseline Perfect 10 25ml sample here” . Then tadah.



Believe it or not, I am rather looking forward to receive this. (:


Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup remover

Are you looking for this the other time? But the samples had fully been redeemed? I’m sure you won’t want to miss out this opportunity again right?

Just complete the questionnaire and you can redeem a free 20ml Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover delivered to your doorstep. 🙂 & what are you waiting for? Click here

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