Rachel K skincare

Do you remember the rare swiss apple stem cell technology or the collagen and lotus stem cell hydrogel mask, which you might had redeemed before?

The Swiss Apple is a nearly extinct variety found only in Switzerland. When the unpicked apples or tree bark is punctured, Swiss Apple trees have the ability to heal themselves. Once picked, Swiss Apples last months longer than other varieties.

In clinical trials, a solution containing just 1% of the same apple stem cells used in Swiss Apple Stem Cell Cream was proven to boost cell production by over 80%. Rachel K See The Difference skin care contains just over 2.5% of Swiss Apple Stem Cells. The more cell turnover of skin cells, the less signs of aging show on your face.

In studies, using an apple stem cell cream twice a day visibly reduced crow’s feet within 4 days, with a 15% improvement documented at the 4 week mark. Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract promises real skin repair and rejuvenation, offering your skin vital nutrients that keep it healthy and radiant.

Now, Rachel K is offering another sample(s) from their rare swiss apple stem cell technology series. Click here to redeem now!

Credit : https://www.facebook.com/Rachelkcosmetics


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